Robyn Hodess
©2009-2015   Robyn Hodess
Contemporary 3D Encaustic Painting and Sculpture
Nature has always been an important influence in my art. I started in fine art painting accurate depictions of botanicals. From this highly technical direction, I continued to look more closely at nature and make an interpretation of my own, with a more unique reflection of my observations. This has led to a path of more abstract depictions of the world around me.

My current direction is going towards 3D art combining paintings and encaustic globes. As I work through my process, the art grows with each piece I create. 

I use Encaustic Wax, Plaster, Oil and Acrylic Paint and I then add papers, fibers, sands and various other natural materials. I ultimately let each piece of art speak to me as I work with colors and textures to get the final looks that you see here.

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