Robyn Hodess
©2009-2012   Robyn Hodess

Contemporary Mixed Medium Paintings
Nature has always been an important influence in my art. My first taste of fine art was painting accurate depictions of botanicals. From this highly technical direction, I continued to look more closely at nature and interpret my own, more unique reflection of my observations. This has led to a path of more abstract depictions of the world around me.

I do not set out to paint what I actually see in nature. I often do not know the direction a piece will go in advance. As I work through my process, the style comes through.

I use acrylic paint and add papers, fibers, sands and various other natural materials. I ultimately let each painting speak to me as I work with colors and textures to get the final looks that you see here.

I hope you enjoy my art.

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New York #2  (partially shown)